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About this password generator.

This password generator is entirely javascipt based and fully customizable.
The source code is readable as well so you check that your passwords are generated securly.
This is some password generating code i wrote for fun/learing purposes and usage is at your own responsability.

This script uses jQuery alot for the shorhands.
For the sliders and the tabs jQuery UI was also utilized (though there is a full UI included atm.).
Currently this generator is tested in Firefox and Chrome (current versions), IE 6 has some line-wrapping issues (aka whatever) IE 7 and up should work fine.

© sandshark.be 2010

Mask CharacterRepresents
*random one of the above
Fill mask When the required password length is longer then there are mask characters,
fill mask is used until the required length has been reached.
Any of the above masking characters may be used as fill mask.